5. Why optimize architecture? Why don't buy just more computers ?

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Market and Cryptocurrencies

5.1 Market analyzes shows that Amazon and Microsoft and many companies have to expand their capability to meet the needs of the market constantly expand their infrastructure, which at some point can be too much to handle and generate losses and leave the market like CISCO.




5.2 Tokens and Cryptocurrencies markets:

ASICs can perform mining at much greater effectively Hashpower/electricity costs for Bitcoin and many others cryptocurrencies.



The market cap for cryptocurrencies growth about 2 times in last half year period.

Global market situation will drive further this growing trend through whole 2017 year and future.

Cryptocurrencies will be dominate payment method in perspective of few or more years.

There is place on the market for efficient usage of hardware and software for rapid cutting costs, energy and time. Especially in crypto currency mining, computing and hyper efficient computing sector. More ICOs for new cryptocurrencies with more advance features will bust demand for effective mining of new algorithms. We come across to this need with MINERS OPTIMIZATION MANUFACTURER project.